Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Natural Way T'ai Chi - The Notes of Alan Peck

I collected Alan's notes and hand-out material over a period of some 20 years, and I spent the year after his death structuring the material into the form of a book. Some of this material has had very little exposure before now.

The book presents the essence of Alan's approach to T'ai Chi - Natural Way T'ai Chi

It is hence with great pleasure that I am able to release the ebook which is entitled.

Natural Way T'ai Chi - The Notes of Alan Peck.

To purchase a copy, please email me at
Alternatively, the book is available in Kindle format from Amazon.


Beginning T'ai Chi by Alan Peck. eBook now available

Alan's book:

'An Introduction to T'ai Chi'

is now available to view and download free of charge for Natural Way T''ai Chi students.

This superb book answers many of the questions that people interested in beginning T'ai Chi often ask, and I recommend it to all new students to supplement their study. If you have a Gmail account, the book sits on 'Google Docs' and it may be accessed via the link

Alternatively, Paula has released the original book for all, and it may be accessed at: