Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dao and Self-Development. Amazon eBook

Dao and Self-Development

This 11 page article is based on a number of talks and writings given to students who have have typically been studying T'ai Chi for about eighteen months, have completed the short form, and have begun the process of coordinating and softening the body and developing a degree of 'internal awareness'.

At this stage, many students are curious about where the path of t’ai chi might take them. Do they really wish to spend more time continuing to study? Or might their time be a better spent doing something else.

Hence this article. It aims to highlight those areas of personal development which might be anticipated with further study of t’ai chi.

It sketches out how the path stretches out before us: specifically, how we practise, why we practise in a particular way at particular stages of our progress, common barriers to progress and ultimately where the practice could lead.

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