Saturday, 2 July 2016

New eBook. T'ai Chi Tao-te-Ching: Practising the Tao

Periodically, there is a debate as to whether t’ai chi is a martial art with principles that happen to be expressed in Taoist terms because of its cultural origins or, if in addition to its martial arts pedigree, it is also a full expression of Taoist philosophy. Ones view of this is most likely dependent upon one’s own interest in studying the art, personal experience and the focus of one’s practice.

If one has an interest in practicing t’ai chi as an exploration of Taoist philosophy, then the structure and practices outlined in this work share my understanding of the ‘Bare Bones’ of such a practice.

The book is based on an intermediate level course given by the Natural Way School of T'ai Chi at the Lam Rim Centre in Bristol in 2014 to students who had been studying for about five years.

Tai Chi Tao te Ching: Practising Tao

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