Tim Parsons

I began my practice of T’ai Chi in the mid 1980's, studying with Keith Graham and then John Kells at the British Tai Chi Chuan Association in Upper Wimpole street, London.

It was during my time with John in London that I heard people talk affectionately about Alan Peck, a gifted senior student and teacher who had move to Bristol to start a school some years before. In 1988 I had the opportunity to move to Bristol and I sought out Alan; so began my studies with him at the Natural Way School of T’ai Chi at Lam Rim Bedminster, Bristol.

Although I have met and studied with many teachers over the years, Alan remained my principal teacher of T’ai Chi for over twenty years until his passing in March 2010. Alan’s gentle guidance has been a fundamental influence in my life. During that time I have taught T'ai Chi within the NHS (Phoenix trust) and for the Bristol Local Education Authority. I have also offered T’ai Chi and Chi Gong courses at Lam Rim Wales over a number of years.
I am currently a Senior Instructor within the Natural Way School of T’ai Chi and accredited as a Senior Instructor of Yang Style T’ai Chi by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. I have studied the Hua Gong style of Chi Gong since 1993 and am qualified in massage and Neurostructural Integration bodywork (BSc., A.R.C.S., Dip ITEC).

I practice Yang style T’ai Chi as taught by Dr Chi Chiang-Tao, including the Short and Long forms, Sword, San Shou, Da Lu, Push Hands and Qi Gong with a focus on body transformation and the development of Chi and Shen. I also run workshops and retreats dedicated to sharing the internal understanding and beauty of Natural Way T’ai Chi

I am motivated to empowering others to find their own path to better health, happiness and returning to the source.

Sara Mayne

I began studying T’ai Ch’i with Alan Peck in 1993. The curriculum included Yang Style Short Form, Long From, San Sou, Da Lou, and Sword Form. I have had tuition in classes, one day courses, small advanced classes and also individual tuition.

During the period 2002 to 2003 I taught T’ai Chi classes at Lam Rim Bristol as part of the Natural Way School, enabling student to subsequently continue their studies with Alan’s intermediate and advanced classes.

I am currently a senior instructor within the Natural Way School of T’ai Chi, both supporting and leading Tuesday evening classes which are devoted to the aspiration of maintaining the clarity of Alan’s teaching and insights into Yang style T’ai Chi’. I offer Qi Gong and T’ai Ch’I lesson both ‘one to one’ and in small groups.

I studied Qi Gong and TaiChi Wuzigong with Dr Shen Hongxun from 1994 to 1997. I have continued to study Qi Gong along side Tai Chi with different teachers over the years.

During 2008 I spent time in China studying an intensive course which covered Damo Qigong and Taoist meditation including Bagua theory, Five Element theory and Yin/Yang theory in relationship to meditation and sitting qigong.

I have been practicing as an acupuncturist, since I qualified in May 2005. I incorporate exercises and forms as part of a healing package for patients who see me for acupuncture.  My insurance to teach T’ai Ch’i, Qi Gong and medicinal Qi Gong is covered by the British Acupuncture Council.